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cyberaction N° 1452: No nuclear in European green taxonomy

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cyberaction posted on 2022-01-07

by : Cyberacteurs, Collectif Arrêt Du Nucléaire et les groupes ou collectifs : ADN 26-07 / ADN34 / Amis de la Terre Poitou / Bien Profond / Collectif Halte Aux Nucléaires Gard (CHANG) / Collectif Contre l'Ordre Atomique (CCOA - ADN75) / L'Observatoire du nucléaire / Réaction en chaîne humaine (RECH) / Tchernoblaye / Théâtre de l’ADN / Stop Nucléaire 56
Will be sent to : Présidente de la Commission Européenne

The European Commission, under pressure from the European nuclear lobby and the French government, plans to include nuclear energy in the «green taxonomy» (classification of investments considered favourable to the environmental objectives of the European Union).

More information

Communiqué from the National Collective Stop Nuclear Energy

This proposal sets some prerequisites, in particular a time limit, for nuclear projects susceptible of gaining access to advantageous funding. Plans for building new nuclear power plants must have obtained a building permit before 2045, and the work aimed at prolonging the duration of existing plants must have received authorization before 2040.    

Some independent experts who are advisers to the Commission for the establishment of a taxonomy, publicly announced their opposition to this project, on December 21st. The regulations on taxonomy provide that the “platform on sustainable finance” and the “member States expert group on sustainable finance” must be consulted before the final adoption of the text by the Commission in January 2022. They must submit their contributions by January 12th.  

We, European citizens, refuse the inclusion of nuclear energy in the green taxonomy. Because nuclear energy is detrimental to each of the six environmental goals of the European Union.
The attenuation of climate change : two thirds of the energy used by the nuclear plants is discharged into the rivers, seas and air, causing a significant rise in temperature.
Adjustment to climate change : fires, drought, and flooding threaten the nuclear plants located on the seaside or on the rivers needed to cool them down.
Sustainable use of water and of marine resources : the nuclear industry utilizes enormous amounts of water, which it monopolizes, heats up and contaminates permanently through its radioactive and chemical effluents.
A circular economy : the nuclear fission of uranium produces radioactive elements which do not exist in nature and which turn into unmanageable waste ; civilian and military nuclear energy produces catastrophes, destroys human lives and economic value.
Healthy ecosystems : nuclear energy contributes to the deterioration of health and to genomic alterations, not only for workers in that industry but also for the population at large and for all living beings.

The construction of new reactors and the extended functioning of those already in existence are not acceptable for all these reasons, and because of the serious dangers to which they submit the population of Europe.

They must not be facilitated by according them undue further advantages tied to the inclusion of nuclear energy in the European green taxonomy. The European Commission must abandon this project.

As an online expression of refusal of the inclusion of nuclear energy in the European green taxonomy, a cyberaction, suggested by Cyberactors in partnership with the Observatory of nuclear energy and the Western Antinuclear Collective, led to the sending of 3,200 messages to the President of the European Commission ;    

This new cyberaction, “no nuclear energy in the European green taxonomy, on line up to January 12, 2022, has been extended for two months. It aims at informing the President of the European Commission of our opposition to this project :

For more details, see the argumentation published on line :  

Collectif Arrêt Du Nucléaire :  
January 2022

The European Green Party is considering taking the Commission to court on the subject of the taxonomy:    

Download the PDF document

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