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Pétitionposted on 2020-10-07

by : Cyberacteurs, Les Amis de l'abbaye Saint-Vaast
Will be sent to : Ministre de la Culture

Madam the Minister for Culture, we need your support, we need your
Dear Madam and Minister for Culture, we appeal to you.
For several years now the Mayor of Arras has discreetly been working on pushing through a proposal that will lead to the development of a 98- room luxury hotel, inside the ancient Saint-Vaast Abbey.

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Since the 7th century, this exceptional site which is the founding monument for the City of Arras and is integral in its historical development; it is also counted as part of the famous Palais de la Foi (Palaces of Faith) such as the Monastery of El Escorial in Spain, the Certosa San Martino in Italy, the Abbey of Melk in Austria and the Abbey of Saint- Denis in France, as well as others in Europe.
We have learnt that the Mayor of Arras is about to hand over our inheritance, to a private, commercial developer. Which will mean irreparable damage to this architectural masterpiece unique in Europe. It also impacts on the development of The fine Arts Museum and the future storage and availability of numerous major artworks for the benefit of the public and tourists.

This so called development and hence disposal of this important and historical Monument as a commercial real estate transaction, is purely for financial gain and contributes nothing to the City or its future.

That is why we ask you, Madam the Minister for Culture, to help and join us in our fight to protect the Abbey Saint-Vaast, which, with its neighbouring Cathedral, makes one of the greatest 18th-century architectural monastic sites. Listed in the French Register of Historical Monuments since 1907.

Download the PDF document

Text of the pétition

. To instigate an inquiry into this potentially damaging and dangerous commercial development of the Abbey Saint-Vaast, with an exacting and exhaustive examination of its technical, legal and financial conditions, so as to see if it fulfils the obligations of the State as regards the protection and preservation of the historical heritage.
. The aim being to protect and preserve this important piece of French Heritage, to make the Mayor and the City of Arras aware of their obligations to preserve this building of unique heritage, which houses an internationally renowned fine arts museum and a multimedia library, for now and the generations to come.


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